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Video Walk Throughs 
We are introducing video walk throughs on key PIO pages so we can show you examples of how to use different features in the system.  We've had some great feedback about this from users.  Where ever you see How To Guide click on the symbol and a short video will pop up from our YouTube channel and show the functionality for that page. Watch the video as many times as you need before trying out the features yourself.

Are you in the right organisation?
PIO is growing and more organisations are using our services.  Its possible you are using PIO in more ways so we have provided a feature that gives multi users the option of moving between different portfolios without having separate logins, re-entering data etc.  For example, if you have entered all your data in an individual portfolio and then you sign up for another programme we support, we can pull your relevant data through for you - no need to re-enter it all.!!!
We have published a blog post explaining the organisation drop down list that makes this happen.

Uploading and Converting Your Files
Uploading your files into PIO so they can be included in your portfolio's is one of the most used functions.  PIO has it's own file converting engine that generates image files of your uploaded documents so they can be included in your portfolio.  We have published a blog post explaining how the conversion engine processes your files and why some files can take a few days to be processed.  There is also a really useful screencast on the scanned files page now.

Send Us Your Feedback
We are continually working on improving our platform. We always value any feedback. If you have any ideas for improvements or opinions on areas that could be improved please let us know. You can send us your ideas and views through our contact page by clicking here or by emailing us.