Making It Easy

Portfolio management is easy with PIO.

Having all your professional information online, in the one place, allows you easy access to use, review and update information with ease.  Prepare portfolio's for PDRP assessment at a click of button.

When using PIO as part of a nursing PDRP or accreditation process we can provide a completely online nursing portfolio solution for your organisation.

For Individuals

Bring all your professional information into one place. Share reflective writings with peers for feedback. Scan certificates and important documents into the the PIO vault for safe keeping and inclusion in your portfolio's.

Keep track of your professional development hours and record supervision sessions, updating details instantly with our lightweight mobile web site.

Create multiple portfolio's tailored for job applications, PDRP's, speaker profiles, accreditations. Download as PDF files or share online.

For Organisations

With our platform, organisations can eliminate all paper-based information from your assessment workflows. Reduce costs, improve assessment timeframes and track progress on the end-to-end process to improve completion rates and increase quality.

Efficient and affordable organisational dashboards to inform and manage assessments such as PDRP, credentialing, training, professional compliance information and reminders.

We provide customised options for managing PDRP and credentialing or micro-credentialing processes and programmes.

With our eLearning hosting options we can develop organisation-specific packages to allow you to enhance your users learning and assessment process.